Founded in 1911.

Tinsley Bible Drugs is locally owned and operated by Brent & Sherri Ford, who live in Dandridge with their four children.

Our store is the oldest continuously operated business in Jefferson County. The Tinsley Drug Company was founded in 1911 by Doctor P.A. Tinsley, the local medical doctor and his pharmacist nephew, Walter "Prock" Tinsley. Unfortunately, Walter died in 1933, leaving Dr. Tinsley without a partner and pharmacist. That same year, Lloyd 'Doc' Bible graduated from the UT School of Pharmacy in Memphis. On a trip home, he found out that Dr. Tinsley needed a pharmacist. Walter's widow decided to sell their stock in the drugstore, which Dr. Tinsley suggested that Lloyd buy. With a little financial assistance, he purchased the stock and the store officially became known as the "Tinsley-Bible Drug Company".

Tinsley Bible Drug Co - Assisted Living Medication - Dandridge, TN

By 1942, business had picked up so much that more space was needed.

At that time, the building was only half as wide as it is today. (You can see the support columns that divide the space.) Mr. Pearl Chambers, who operated the little store next door, was ready to retire and was glad to leave it. Tinsley and Bible purchased the space from Jefferson County Bank, the wall was torn down and the luncheonette was added.

Dandridge, TN - Tinsley Bible Drug Co - Assisted Living Medication

Many years later, as Lloyd grew older, he sold a part interest in the store to Bill Eversole, a druggist from Morristown.

They were partners until Bill's untimely death from drowning. Don Rose, a pharmacist who had worked with Bill in his Morristown store, came to work with 'Doc' Bible.

Tinsley Bible Drug Co - Dandridge, TN - Assisted Living Medication

In 1986, Don purchased Doc’s stock in the company and ran the business for 29 years.

He kept the name 'Tinsley-Bible' both as a tribute to Doc and because so many people were familiar with the name of the store and trust in the brand. Although there have been several changes over the years, it remains very much the same as it has for years.

Tinsley Bible Drug Co - Dandridge, TN - Assisted Living Medication

In 2013, Don hired Dr. Sherri Ford as Pharmacist-In-Charge to take over daily pharmacy operations so that he could enjoy more golfing and traveling in his retirement.

The pharmacy’s computer systems were updated, allowing our pharmacy services to remain competitive in modern times. In 2015, Sherri and her husband Brent purchased Don’s shares in the company and look forward to serving Dandridge for many years to come. They are active in their church community and local sports teams, supporting many local programs for students.

Put over a century of history to work for you. Call 865-397-3444 or stop in at 1224 Gay St.

Assisted Living Medication - Dandridge, TN - Tinsley Bible Drug Co

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